Jilted woman sends 1.5 lakh messages to millionaire


07 Jan 2019

Man rejects woman's proposal, she sends him 1.5 lakh texts

Not everyone knows how to deal with rejection. Especially, when they are in love, irrevocable, psychotic love.

Like this US woman, who sent around 65,000 messages to a man who rejected her proposal, and was arrested last year for stalking and criminal trespassing.

However, latest investigation revealed the number of messages was actually double- over 1.5 lakh, and they were more creepy than romantic.


Man wasn't interested after first date, but woman kept pursuing

Man wasn't interested after first date, but woman kept pursuing

31-year-old Jacquelyn Ades, a Florida-based licensed beautician, met the unnamed man, CEO of a skincare products company, through a dating site, Luxy, around two years ago.

Luxy is a dating service for millionaires.

The duo went out on a date once, after which the man wasn't interested in taking it forward.

Despite knowing this, the woman kept sending him messages, sometimes 500 a day.


Ades took bath in man's home when he was out

In July 2017, the businessman saw Ades' car parked outside his home and contacted the police regarding that, who warned her.

Despite that, she continued to send him messages, some of them quite sadistic in nature.

Later in April 2018, when the victim was out of the country and was remotely checking his home surveillance video, he found Ades taking a bath in his bathtub.

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'I made-up scenario in my head that I live here'

'I made-up scenario in my head that I live here'

Seeing Ades in his home without his permission prompted the man to call the police and they arrested her from his home.

Upon confronting, she said, "I guess I made up a whole scenario in my head where I live here, so I came here and pretended that's what was happening."

Police also found a butcher's knife on the passenger seat of her car.


'I'd make sushi outta ur kidneys…chopsticks outta ur hand bones'

She was let go with a warning.

Ades, however, continued to send messages, which were a mix of threats, requests, and warnings.

"You do whatever you have to get here...but don't ever try to leave me...I'll kill you...I don't want to be a murderer," one message read, while another said, "I'd make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand-bones."


'He's so cute. I can't believe I scared him'

'He's so cute. I can't believe I scared him'

Ades was finally arrested last May in Phoenix, when she showed up at the man's Scottsdale workplace, and pretended to be his wife.

She told police she had no intention of hurting the man, and understood that her messages were not normal.

"Somebody else should love him. He has so much to love. He's so cute. I can't believe I scared him," she added.

Ades compared herself to Hitler, showed signs of mental illness

Police said in her messages to the entrepreneur, she also compared herself to Hitler, and added that medical examination found Ades to show signs of mental illness. She's currently held at Maricopa County Jail, without bond and is scheduled to go on trial in February.

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