Chinese man's haircut accident goes viral


10 Jan 2019

Man gets 'Play Button' haircut, as barber replicated paused video

Jim Morrison of The Doors said 'Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts'.

While we have all lived through the shame of terrible haircuts, one Chinese man might be relating completely to this after a hairstyling mishap made him an Internet sensation.

This individual's hopes of getting a trendy haircut went haywire when the barber interpreted the hairstyle video too literally.

Haircut mishap

Chinese man says he wants the exact haircut, barber obliges

A fashion conscious Chinese man had been looking at trendy hairstyle videos, and choosing one he liked, he showed it to his barber.

Naturally, the video was paused on the preferred hairstyle.

The diligent barber replicated the hairstyle exactly, down to the 'Play Button' that was displayed on the paused video.

This is why I choose pictures of hairstyles to show to my barber!

Barber asked if man wanted triangle, man replied yes

Before blaming the barber, as we often do after haircut mishaps, we must consider this fact. The barber had asked the customer if he wanted to keep the triangle, and the inattentive customer had replied in the affirmative, causing his own hairstyle accident.

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Sporting the look

Left with triangles on his head, Chinese man seems confident

While a haircut disaster like this might have prompted some like yours truly to completely shave off their head or go into hiding, this Chinese man seems to be taking his new hairstyle sportingly.

Boldly showing the triangles on the side of his head, the man is seemingly satisfied and has become even more confident as a video showed him strutting around a room.

Internet sensation

Video goes viral, people react differently

Tian Xiu Bot, an influential blogger, posted the accident on Weibo, China's Twitter-like platform.

The post quickly went viral and people gushed saying this might be a new trending hairstyle, while others praised the barber's diligence.

Perhaps, the largely positive and humorous response has boosted the man's confidence.

I just wish people were as supportive during my hairstyling disasters as they have been here!

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