First nude restaurant in Paris to shut down


11 Jan 2019

Paris' first and only nude restaurant shuts down, naturists upset

If you ever dreamed of dining in a restaurant naked without getting arrested for indecency, then it shall forever remain a dream as the first ever nude restaurant in Paris is going to shut down next month.

O'naturel, Paris' first and only nude restaurant, recently announced that it is going to draw its curtains due to the lack of customers.

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Restaurant's motive was to offer 'pleasure of dining naked'

Restaurant's motive was to offer 'pleasure of dining naked'

The restaurant was launched by 43-year-old twins, Mike and Stephane Saada, in November 2017, and its opening was hailed as the rising popularity of naturism in France.

The concept was to offer "the pleasure of dining naked all year in the capital in the respect of naturists values," according to a magazine.

This is unlike nudist beaches that only attract naturists during summers.


Guests were naked, waiters however were dressed

There were locker facilities and changing rooms at the restaurant for guests to keep their clothes and mobile phones.

Cameras were strictly banned in the restaurant (for obvious reasons).

Diners were provided with a pair of slippers and heels for women if they wished.

However, the waiters wore clothes, which the guests objected to by calling it against the spirit of a nudist restaurant.

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No kind of voyeurism or exhibitionism was allowed in restaurant

No kind of voyeurism or exhibitionism was allowed in restaurant

The guests were also presented with a list of rules outlining what is expected of their behavior.

For instance, any kind of voyeurism or exhibitionism that is likely to shock or make others uncomfortable wasn't tolerated.

Also, only teenagers, who would be compulsorily accompanied by an adult, were allowed to keep their clothes on in the dining room.


Restaurant had large white curtain to cover windows from oglers

The restaurant had minimalist decor and a menu of upmarket French bistro cuisine, which included dishes such as lobster, foie gras (made of duck/goose liver) and snails with parsley cream sauce- priced at €49 (roughly Rs. 4,000).

It also took caution from the oglers outside and had a large white curtain over the windows, and the black chair covers were discreetly changed between sittings.

Shutting down

Restaurant owners said they'll only remember the good times

Restaurant owners said they'll only remember the good times

However, just after 15 months of its launch, the restaurant is set to close its doors for lack of customers.

"It is with great regret that we announce the definitive closing of the O'naturel restaurant on Saturday, February 16, 2019," the twins told media.

They said they will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments.

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