Canada to shut coal power plants by 2030

23 Nov 2016 | By Supriya
Canada and its commitment to clean energy

Catherine McKenna, Canada's Environment Minister, announced that under the terms of the Paris climate accord, Canada will shut its coal-fired power plants by 2030.

This decision is part of the Canadian government's strategy to cut greenhouse gas emission and accelerate the transition from traditional coal power to clean energy over the next decade and a half.

In context: Canada and its commitment to clean energy

Canada's strategy for emission reductions

For drastic emission reduction by 2050, the Canadian government indicated its official strategy last week. A two-pronged approach will be adopted: make the electricity sector emission-free, and consistent increase in the use of electricity for transportation and heating purposes.

DetailsCanada and clean energy

Canada has an abundance of hydroelectric power as well as solar, wind and nuclear energy.

Over 80 percent of Canada's electricity production leads to no air pollution.

According to Canada's National Energy figures, over the last decade, capacity of of wind power-generation went up 20 times and whereas solar capacity rose by a massive 125 percent.

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23 Nov 2016Canada to shut coal power plants by 2030

ShutdownCanada's coal plants

Canada's coal plants are reportedly "quite old". They are located in four provinces and are responsible for producing 10 percent of Canada's total CO2 emissions.

Shutting down these coal plants will result in removing emissions equivalent to those released by 1.3 million cars or nearly five-megatons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Experts believe coal plants could be substituted with clean alternatives at "reasonable costs."

Benefits from shut-down

Coal-based power plants release carbon-dioxide, nitrous oxide, sulphur dioxide, mercury and other heavy metals. Shutting down coal plants would prevent more than 1,000 premature deaths across Canada and billions of dollars worth of health benefits.

HowCanada's neighbor walks a different path

U.S., Canada's neighbour and its largest trading partner, might have a sharply different stance on climate change.

Donald Trump has dismissed climate change and believes it to be a 'hoax' committed by China.

Trump has promised to resurrect the coal industry and boost production of oil and gas in the US.

He reportedly also plans to rescind US's participation in the 'Paris climate Agreement'.

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Paris Climate agreement

The Paris climate agreement was negotiated by nearly 200 countries late last year for a global collaboration towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, country wise. According to recent surveys, the Paris pact is supported by nearly 71% Americans.