10 Feb 2019

Two Indians found Batmobile from 'The Dark Knight' in Dubai

Every Batman fan dreams of become filthy rich like Bruce Wayne, and own Batmobile (Batman's vehicle).

It would be their most prized possession and they wouldn't allow a single scratch on it.

However, recently two Indians discovered the original Batmobile that was used in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, and it didn't even remotely look as fancy as it appeared on screen.


Garage owner confirms vehicle was used in the movie

Garage owner confirms vehicle was used in the movie

Recently, a video surfaced showing the Indians with the Batman's Tumbler in a garage in Dubai, and it was all dusty and damaged.

In the video, a man who seemed to be the garage owner confirmed that this was the same vehicle that was used in the 2008 Christian Bale-starrer.

The vehicle was one of the four models that was used in the movie.


Vehicle's current owner bought it for Rs. 6.4cr from Hollywood

All the Batmobile scenes with flames coming out of the vehicle were shot using this particular car.

It is now owned by an unknown man, who bought it for $900,000 or Rs. 6.44 crore from Hollywood.

The Batmobile initially had all the systems working but it was decommissioned in the US before being imported to Dubai.

Therefore, it couldn't be steered at that time.

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Owner brought Batmobile to garage to re-engineer it

The owner then brought the vehicle to the garage to put the system back. "It didn't steer. So they brought it to me and I re-engineered it so that it could drive," the garage owner was heard saying this in the video.


Garage working on fire-breathing system for the exhaust

Garage working on fire-breathing system for the exhaust

The vloggers who posted the video on YouTube also peeped inside the vehicle and found the Batman logo on its steering wheel and the attached CCTV cameras on its sides.

The vehicle had an exhaust which can perfectly fit a human head inside.

The garage is now working on a fire-breathing system for the exhaust, making the Batmobile throw fire just like the movie.


Batmobile was first designed on Christopher Nolan's request

Nolan, the director of the Batman trilogy, had earlier mentioned that the Batmobile was designed before any of the sets on the movie as he wanted it in a specific way.

After the vehicle's initial prototype designs were created, Nolan's team went to the UK and got it built there.

At least 7-8 prototypes were built before the final Mark-VIII version came out.

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