Malaysia: Man leaves pregnant wife to play PUBG


12 Feb 2019

Malaysia: Man leaves pregnant wife, child to play PUBG freely

In the past few weeks, we reported how PUBG fever has gripped India, resulting in the Gujarat government, among others, banning the online multiplayer game as it adversely affects the students.

In the latest development, a recent Facebook post revealed that a man in Malaysia reportedly left his four-month-pregnant wife and child so that he could play PUBG without any interference.

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Man was introduced to the game by his siblings

Man was introduced to the game by his siblings

A Facebook post written in Malay went viral recently in which the wife revealed that her husband was first introduced to the game by his siblings and soon got addicted to it.

His PUBG addiction caused disputes between the couple since the man would stay up all night just to play the online battle royale game and had trouble waking up in the morning.


Man would neglect family responsibilities due to game addiction

Further, the woman said her husband would often neglect family responsibilities as he would be busy playing the game.

When she would confront him regarding this, he would get annoyed and accuse her of not being supportive.

Thereafter, last month, he made a choice and decided to leave his family as he was not able to stay away from PUBG.

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'Left with no choice but to support ourselves through hardships'

'Left with no choice but to support ourselves through hardships'

"It has been a month since he has left us. We are now left with no choice but to support ourselves through any hardship that may come," the woman wrote on the Facebook post.

"Before he started playing PUBG, his personality was much more tolerable. However, the situation gradually grew worse from when he first started playing the game four years ago," she added.

Here is the sad post by the woman

Other incidents

Separately, J&K fitness trainer lost mental balance due to PUBG

The news comes weeks after an 11-year-old boy filed a petition in Bombay High Court to ban the game in Maharashtra citing that the game promotes cyber-bullying, aggression, and violence.

Prior to that, it was reported that a fitness trainer in Jammu and Kashmir started hitting himself and was eventually hospitalized due to the PUBG addiction.

Doctors quoted that he lost his mental balance.

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