Anti-Muslim letter praising Donald Trump sent to California mosques

29 Nov 2016 | By Ramya Patelkhana
Hate crimes against Muslims in the US

Three mosques in California reportedly received a letter addressing Muslims as "vile and filthy," and praising Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

The letter also stated Trump is planning to "cleanse" the US, an association of Muslim Americans said.

The same anti-Muslim letter addressed to "Children of Satan" was also sent to mosques in North California's San Jose and Long Beach and Claremont in Los Angeles.

In context: Hate crimes against Muslims in the US

IntroductionPost-election hate crimes against Muslims

After Donald Trump's victory in the US Presidential election, a Muslim student wearing 'hijab' was robbed by two men in San Diego at a university.

A Nazi swastika and Trump's slogan -"Make America Great Again"- were also found in New York's Wellsville; a similar graffiti was seen in Philadelphia.

Police are investigating hate crimes against Muslims, Jews, African-Americans, LGBT community members post elections.

Hate CrimesHate crimes reached the maximum in 2015

Hate crimes against Muslims reached the maximum number in 2015 since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, per Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The hate crimes increased to 5,850 from 5,479 in 2014.

The number is less than the numbers seen in the early 2000s.

Terror attacks in California, San Bernardino, and Paris and Donald Trump's call for banning Muslims entering the US happened in 2015.

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Huge SpikeHate crimes accelerated after Trump's election: Ibrahim Hooper

Council on American-Islamic Relations' spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said he wasn't surprised by the huge spike in hate crimes in 2015 and he expected the trend to continue.

He added: "We saw a spike in anti-Muslim incidents nationwide beginning toward the end of 2015. That spike has continued until today and even accelerated after the election of President-elect (Donald) Trump (since 8 November 2016)."

29 Nov 2016Anti-Muslim letter praising Donald Trump sent to California mosques

Trump is going to cleanse America

The letter dismissed Muslims as "vile and filthy people" and called on them to "pack your bags and get out of Dodge." The letter added Trump is "going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And, he's going to start with you Muslims."

ProtectionOver 100 anti-Muslim incidents across the US

The anti-Muslim letter prompted the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) chapters in California to appeal for stepped-up police protection of mosques.

Since the election of Trump, who rallied against Muslims and immigrants, over 100 anti-Muslim incidents occurred across the US.

The CAIR quoted Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as saying over 700 incidents targeting various minority communities had been documented after the elections.

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Hate campaign targeting California houses of worship

The leader of CAIR's Los Angeles branch Hussam Ayloush said: "This hate campaign targeting California houses of worship must be investigated as an act of religious intimidation, and our state's leaders should speak out against the growing anti-Muslim bigotry that leads to such incidents."