Boy born without brain grows it back


22 Feb 2019

Boy born 'without brain' proves doctors wrong; grows it back

In a miraculous news, a boy who was born with only 2% of his brain is now six years old and has grown back most of his brain, defying what his doctors believed at the time of his birth.

UK-based Noah Wall and his parents, Michelle and Rob, recently revealed his phenomenal story on popular talk show, Good Morning Britain.

Here's his story.


Noah developed severe health problems when he was in womb

Noah developed severe health problems when he was in womb

When Noah was in womb, he had developed spina bifida, a condition in which the child's spine doesn't develop properly when he/she is in the womb, affecting the child's ability to walk in future.

He had also developed hydrocephalus, in which extra fluid pressurizes the brain and causes brain damage.

Doctors had warned that Noah wouldn't be able to talk, sleep, eat, or see.


Doctors had warned Noah wouldn't be able to see, talk

Doctors had, therefore, advised Rob and Michelle to terminate the pregnancy.

However, the parents decided otherwise and explained that they decided to go with the pregnancy as they were older parents and that they "knew their own minds".

They also have two daughters.

In March 2012, Noah was born and doctors placed a 'Do Not Resuscitate' notice on him.

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When Noah was three, his brain grew to 80%

When Noah was three, his brain grew to 80%

However, doctors were proven wrong when Noah was three and scans revealed that his brain has grown to 80%.

Further, he was able to learn how to speak and count, just like any other kid of his age.

Despite the marvelous development in Noah's brain, doctors had said he would be paralyzed for life because of the damage to his spine.


Noah's parents wanted a 'radical brain' treatment for him

Meanwhile, last year, Noah's parents came to know about a 'radical brain' treatment in Australia known as NeuroPhysics, which comprised cognitive exercises and physiotherapy.

"It's all to do with the brain's ability to heal or correct the body's nervous system," Rob explained.

But, Noah turned out to be very young to take the course as it needed high levels of concentration.


Noah responded to treatment well, was able to swing legs

Noah responded to treatment well, was able to swing legs

Fortunately, the program's founder, Ken and Nickie Ware met the family and agreed to take Noah in.

And, it worked. Noah responded to the treatment well.

By the end of the program, Noah was able to swing his legs, make circles in the air using his legs, among other muscular activities.

"He was so proud saying: "I did it. I did it," Michelle recalled.

Noah's family believes he will walk one day

Currently, Noah is at his home and performs a set of exercises daily. His family is planning to buy a child-sized gym equipment for his daily exercises and is confident that the medical marvel will walk one day.

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