6.5 magnitude earthquake kills over 50, injures hundreds in Indonesia

07 Dec 2016 | By Mansi Motwani

A strong earthquake in the Aceh province on Indonesia's Sumatra island killed over 50, injured hundreds and left dozens missing.

The district of Pidie Jaya was struck with a 6.5 magnitude earthquake on early Wednesday morning as the predominantly Muslim region prepared for its morning prayers.

Mosques and shops were flattened; no tsunami alert was issued.

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The Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire refers to the belt of volcanoes and tectonic activity surrounding the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia is prone to such earthquakes because it lies on the Ring of Fire.

07 Dec 20166.5 magnitude earthquake kills over 50, injures hundreds in Indonesia

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Number of Children

Out of the 52 confirmed dead by Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency, at least 7 are believed to be children.
Plight of the injured

ConditionPlight of the injured

According to Puteh Manaf, head of the local disaster agency, the district's local hospital was overwhelmed by the number of people injured.

Deputy district chief Said Mulyadi said, "the hospital here couldn't take the patients, so we sent some to the neighbouring district."

Many suffered from broken bones and other injuries; the local hospital struggled with treating the injured on the ground.

InformationOther details about the earthquake

The rubble is being combed by rescuers and search teams for the missing and possibly trapped survivors.

A state of emergency has been declared in Aceh, according to Sutopo Nugroho of the National Disaster Management Agency.

Television and social media is flooded with images of victims being rushed for medical help, flattened buildings, fallen electricity poles, people gathering at street corners etc.

The province of Aceh

Indonesia's Aceh province is not unknown to natural calamities. In the year 2004, a colossal earthquake and tsunami hit Aceh's capital, Banda Aceh and claimed approximately 160,000 lives in Indonesia alone.