Trump lays down his policy- 'Buy American and Hire Americans'

15 Dec 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa

President-elect Donald Trump, at a victory rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin said that his government will support two simple rules: "buy American and hire Americans."

He said that the previous governments had signed treaties with other countries where the interests of other nations were put ahead of America's.

He called such deals 'bad' and 'disgraceful' and said this won't repeat under his presidency.

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10 Dec 2016Trump wants Americans to keep their jobs; Mexicans behind walls

Trump emphasized he will not allow Americans to lose their jobs to foreign workers as had happened in the Disney World case.

Trump's current comment was viewed as a setback for Indians, who frequently go to work in America on H-1B visas.

Furthermore, Trump emphasized that he will construct a wall along the US-Mexico border and stop the violence "spilling across our border."

14 Dec 2016Trump's China plans: Trump edges closer to Taiwan

Beijing warned the Trump administration that challenging the "One China" policy would "affect peace in the Taiwan Strait".

The "One China" policy expects US to maintain formal ties with China and not Taiwan, however, by accepting greetings from Taiwan on his electoral win, Trump breached it.

Trump not only took a call from Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen but also tweeted about it.

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Trump's 'oddities' on the international stage

Lately, Trump offered to aid Pakistan thereby "thumbing nose at India" and openly praised Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte for his "war on drugs," which is killing almost 1000 people every month.

15 Dec 2016Trump lays down his policy- 'Buy American and Hire Americans'

Trump underlines the dire state of U.S.

15 Dec 2016Trump underlines the dire state of U.S.

In his victory rally, Trump said that America was running a nearly $800 billion annual trade deficit.

To further his argument he said, one-third of American jobs have been lost since NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was signed.

He further said that America had lost 70,000 factories, he said he was sure because they never corrected me. So it has to be".