Indian student in Abu Dhabi invents environment-friendly robots


11 Apr 2019

Indian student in Abu-Dhabi invents robots for cleaner, greener environment

An Indian student, studying in Grade-5 in Abu Dhabi, has developed robots to protect marine life and also minimize human labor on farms, an innovation he hopes would be implemented on a bigger scale in the UAE, according to a report.

Sainath Manikandan, a student at GEMS United Indian School, has built a Marine Robot Cleaner (MBot Cleaner) along with an Agriculture Robot (Agribot).

MBot Cleaner

MBot can remove floating wastes from surface water: Manikandan

MBot can remove floating wastes from surface water: Manikandan

Manikandan built the MBot Cleaner that would help preserve the marine environment and Agribot that would help reduce the labor of farmers who work in hot countries like the UAE, Khaleej Times reported yesterday.

"MBot is a prototype robot that can remove floating wastes from surface water. It is basically shaped like a boat and can be operated remotely with radio control," Manikandan said.

MBot Cleaner is powered by two motors, said Manikandan

Manikandan said the MBot Cleaner runs with two motors that help the boat move in the water. He added that popsicle sticks are attached to a wheel and then to the third motor to push the waste from the water bodies into the storage basket.

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This project could plausibly restore purity of water, says Manikandan

"Solar panels can also be used instead of batteries," said Manikandan, adding, "Although this project could plausibly restore the purity of water, it nevertheless could be the initial step taken forward towards creating a better ecosystem."

The young genius further said that by developing this robot on a bigger scale, "we can try to preserve our marine species and environment".


AgriBot performs elementary functions involved in farming, informs Manikandan

AgriBot performs elementary functions involved in farming, informs Manikandan

Manikandan's other robot, AgriBot, is also powered by solar panels and for better results, drones could be used to assist and control the seed planting process on farms, the media report said.

"AgriBot performs the elementary functions involved in farming, such as plowing the field, sowing seeds as well as, covering the seeds with soil," said the kid.


Manikandan is an active member of many environmental groups

"The AgriBot is autonomous and provides the facility for the optional switching of the plowing-system when required," Manikandan was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

He is also involved in several eco-friendly programs.

Manikandan is the ambassador of Drop It Youth (initiative to end plastic pollution), Tunza Eco Generation (environmental networking platform), and an active member of the Emirates Environmental Group, the report said.

Manikandan has also launched his own campaign, PEPC campaign

"I've launched my own campaign, PEPC campaign, through which I collect paper, electronic wastes, plastics and cans for recycling," said Manikadan, adding, "Recycling helps the environment in many ways, it preserves our resources, saves the landfill space, reduces greenhouse gases and saves water and energy."

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