State of emergency declared in St. Louis County

11 Aug 2015 | By Ankita

As the Ferguson unrest ensued, St. Louis County-Executive, Steve Stenger announced the declaration of the 'state of emergency' following recent tumultous events indicating an year of Brown's death

The St. Louis County prosecuting attorney's office issued criminal charges against Tyrone Harris, who remained hospitalized under critical conditions.

About 30 protestors arrived on the Ferguson interstate as the authorities braced themselves for further agitations.

In context: The globalized year-long Ferguson unrest!

9 Aug 2014The outset of the unrest: Brown's Death

An 18-year-old African-American, Michael Brown was fatally shot by 28-year-old white policeman, Darren Wilson at Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St.Louis County (U.S).

Brown was a suspect in a robbery case committed minutes before the shooting.

Wilson identified him on the road and in the altercation that followed shot Brown several times before he died.

This sparked a vigorous political-racial debate in the U.S.

Aug 2014The first wave of protests

Following the incident, fierce protests emerged as protestors believed that Brown had his hands held up when he was shot.

The incident created a stir with both non-violent protests as well as vandalism, resulting in riots and night-curfews creating a global debate about racial politics and militarization of police-forces.

The media reports showed police militarization during protests which was thoroughly criticized by politicians.

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Grand Jury's decision stimulates second-wave of protests

24 Nov 2014Grand Jury's decision stimulates second-wave of protests

The Grand Jury appointed to investigate the case announced their verdict which did not incriminate Wilson, ratifying that Brown was shot in self-defence.

The decision further maddened the protestors who burnt police cars, buildings etc. leading to riots, road-blocks and rallies.

The police retaliated with tear gas and arrested many.

International protests were also reported in places such as Canada and London (UK).

Mar 2015Ferguson continues to simmer

Protests emerged outside Ferguson Police department on March 11, after the resignation of the Chief-of-Police.

Amidst the protests, two police officers were shot in the early morning of March 12 outside the police-station.

An extensive manhunt was launched to arrest the responsible person.

On March 14, 20-year-old African-American, Jeffrey Williams was arrested who admitted the crime, stating that his targets were not the policemen.

Death anniversary of Michael Brown

9 August 2015 was the first anniversary of Brown's fatal shooting. Peaceful protestors had gathered around his memorial and maintained four-and-a-half minutes of silence as it was believed that Brown's body was left unattended for four-and-a-half hours on the street.

10 Aug 2015Teenager shot again on Brown's death anniversary

A 18-year, identified as Tyrone Harris, a friend of Michael Brown was shot after a day of commemorating Brown's death at Ferguson.

He was shot after he engaged himself in a gunfight with the St.Louis County-Police.

During the gunfight, Harris allegedly fired on four plain-clothed policemen, resulting in the policemen firing at him.

He underwent emergency surgery after he was rushed to hospital.

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10 Aug 2015Two teenagers shot after Harris' injury

A 17-year-old and a 19-year-old were shot at the Canfield Apartment Complex at around 2am, near the spot where Michael Brown died last year.

Three hours after Harris was injured, the teenagers were shot by an African-American male in a red hoodie who drove by in a vehicle.

They were rushed to the hospital and are being treated for injuries that are non-life threatening.

11 Aug 2015State of emergency declared in St. Louis County