Pot smokers to distribute joints at inauguration

09 Jan 2017 | By Supriya

Marijuana legalization advocates intend to distribute joints at Donald Trump's inauguration.

The 'DC Cannabis Coalition' will be handing out joints near the Dupont Circle during the day because activists intend to send a message to 'legalize cannabis at the federal level'.

Although marijuana can legally be grown in Washington DC however its legal status in Washington continues to be 'fragile'.

In context: Cannabis supporters making a statement at President's inauguration

AboutMarijuana in Washington DC

Since 2015, people can legally grow 6 cannabis plants at home in Washington and keep in their possession, 2 ounces of pot if they are above the age of 21.

However it is illegal to smoke marijuana in public and illegal to buy or sell.

Since it also falls under Federal Law, laws on possession of marijuana can be ambiguous.

StatusMarijuana at federal level

Marijuana though legal in Washington DC, remains illegal at federal level.

Federal government classifies it as a Schedule 1 drug - strictest category for illicit substances.

Therefore, regardless of state law, federal law enforcement can raid state-legal marijuana shops and arrest people who possess pot.

Obama administration issued memos asking federal enforcement to not go after marijuana stores however these memos can be repealed.

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09 Jan 2017Pot smokers to distribute joints at inauguration

The 'Marijuana protest'

AboutThe 'Marijuana protest'

The DC Cannabis Coalition with the help of 25 people will distribute 4200 joints.

They will not be telling people to break the law by smoking in public.

But if they did choose to smoke publicly, it would be "a great act of civil disobedience in light of the silence [on marijuana reform] coming from the Trump administration", said Adam Eidinger of DC Cannabis-Coalition.

Message to legalize cannabis

Adam Eidinger says: "This is not a protest against Trump at all. It's an awareness building activity. By giving away marijuana at inauguration, we're setting up the battle flag. The main message is it's time to legalize cannabis at the federal level."