Obama's final speech as the 44th US President


11 Jan 2017

Barack Obama bids adieu to presidency with his farewell speech

The 44th President of USA gave his farewell speech in Chicago and began by saying "it was good to be home".

Amidst applause and tears, Obama thanked the nation for their support in these 8 years.

When the crowd said "four more years", he replied "I can't do it".

He beckoned the people of America to uphold democracy, rights that made everyone equal.

11 Jan 2017

Obama says 'we have come a long way'

Obama says 'we have come a long way'

Obama said in these 8 years America had progressed and it was evident as it had reversed the recession, rebooted the "auto industry, and created jobs like never before.

A new era of relations with Cuba had been started and the Iranian nuclear weapons program had been stopped.

He even mentioned taking down "the mastermind of 9-11" and won marriage equality and Obamacare.


Democracy is all that we need: Obama

Obama stressed on the fact that democracy was the cornerstone of US policy and at no rate should it be compromised.

He said "our drive, our diversity and openness, our boundless capacity for risk and reinvention" can only be realized if the democracy works.

He said that democracy didn't mean solidarity or uniformity. He said that people should argue but democracy shouldn't be compromised.

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11 Jan 2017

Obama hopes for a better economy, trade, jobs

Obama hopes for a better economy, trade, jobs

Obama said in the coming years focus should be on trade being "fair and not just free".

He said the American economy needs better education for the kids, power for the workers, unionization for better wages.

He said that "more reforms to the tax code" were needed so corporations and individuals don't reap all the benefits.

11 Jan 2017

Obama calls for laws against race discrimination

Obama said the 2nd biggest threat of America was that of the race divide.

He said that we need to invest in the future of those who don't look like us.

Obama said there was a need to uphold laws against "discrimination — in hiring, in housing, in education, and in the criminal justice system."

He said for this our hearts need to change.

Obama asks Americans to work for the coming generations

Obama asked the people to work towards the climate change else the upcoming generations will be left with the effects such as "more environmental disasters, more economic disruptions, waves of climate refugees seeking sanctuary."

11 Jan 2017

Obama says: Yes we can, yes we did!

Concluding his speech, he asked the citizens of America to give the same support to their next President as they gave to him.

He thanked his wife addressing her as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson of the South Side, kids Sasha and Maliya, vice president Joe Biden for their unfailing support.

In the end Obama reiterated his electoral promise: "Yes, we can...Yes, we did...Yes, we can".

08 Feb 2017

Recently retired Obama takes Caribbean vacation, learns kite-surfing

We've all been wondering what former US President Barack Obama's been up to since Donald Trump took office.

Turns out Obama has been enjoying a five-start Caribbean holiday with his wife Michelle at Necker island, which is owned by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

Branson posted photos online showing Obama learning how to kite-surf, something his security detail forbid him from doing as president.

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