Venezuela's president threatens opposition over attempted ouster

12 Jan 2017 | By Abheet Sethi

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said his country's opposition would face "dire consequences" for their latest "coup."

A motion was declared in the opposition-controlled parliament declaring that Maduro "abandoned his post" by failing to tackle the Latin American country's economic crisis.

Maduro said he would create an "anti-coup commando squad" comprising of senior security officials.

In context: Venezuela's president threatens opposition over attempted "coup"

ExplainedWhy Maduro and opposition are clashing

The opposition blames Maduro for recession, food shortages, widespread power cuts and, subsequent lootings and deadly riots.

The opposition has been attempting to push forth a recall referendum to end Maduro's presidency.

Maduro blames the crisis on a US-backed capitalist conspiracy and accuses the opposition of orchestrating a "coup" against him.

13 May 2016Venezuela's President Maduro declares emergency

A state of emergency was declared in Venezuela by President Nicolás Maduro.

The state of affairs looked sombre as the Government was unable to import basic food items "like milk, flour and eggs, leaving many supermarkets with empty shelves."

Tomas Guanipa of the opposition party said the measure was taken by Maduro because he was scared of being 'recalled'.

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02 Sep 2016Thousands take on Venezuela's streets demanding Maduro's recall

Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans from across the country descended on the streets of capital Caracas to protest against President Nicolás Maduro's government.

The protesters made it to Caracas' main avenues despite attempts by the police and national guard to block access to the capital.

The protest was led by Venezuela's opposition which has demanded a recall referendum against Maduro.

22 Oct 2016Venezuela halts recall referendum against President Maduro

Venezuela's National Electoral Council announced that a referendum recalling President Nicolas Maduro has been halted.

The announcement comes after the federal courts ruled that several cases of voter identity fraud had taken place during the first round of signatures gathered for the recall petition.

Opposition leaders called the election council's move a "coup" and promised to hold massive protests.

25 Oct 2016Opposition-led Venezuelan parliament votes to try Maduro

The opposition-controlled Venezuelan parliament voted to commence a trial against President Nicolas Maduro for allegedly violating the constitution.

The move comes after the federal electoral council suspended a referendum process seeking Maduro's removal.

Maduro accused the opposition parliamentarians of trying to stage a "coup." The vote has increased tensions even as the government and opposition agreed to hold crisis talks.

12 Jan 2017Venezuela's president threatens opposition over attempted ouster