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17 Jan 2017

Protests, celebrations to clash ahead of Trump's oath-taking

Protests and political boycotts will reportedly clash with celebrations and festive carousing in Washington DC as Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th US President on 20 January.

The clash would set the tone for four "antagonistic years" between Trump's supporters and opponents.

Around 20 Democratic lawmakers have already announced they would shun the nearly 240-year ritual of President's oath-taking ceremony.

In context

Donald Trump's oath-taking ceremony
Democrats yet to reconcile to Trump's electoral win

Political clashes

Democrats yet to reconcile to Trump's electoral win

Women and minorities resentful of - what some consider - a stolen election are expected to take to streets as pro-Trump brigade celebrate.

Washington DC has never been so wound up with tense anticipation over potential political clashes since George Bush's controversial victory over Al Gore in 2000.

Several Democratic lawmakers are yet to reconcile to Donald Trump's electoral win.

John Lewis

John Lewis questions Trump's legitimacy

Congressman John Lewis questioned Donald Trump's legitimacy leading a charge against the President-elect.

Trump lashed out at him and asked Lewis to take care of his "crime-infested district" and mocked him for being "all talk and no action".

However, activists soon pointed out that Georgia Lawmaker Lewis is a civil rights hero whose public service record stands in contrast to Trump's narcissistic life.

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Trump tones down criticism

After being slammed for his bad move, Donald Trump toned down his criticism and urged John Lewis to ''focus on the burning and crime infested inner cities of the US,'' and added, ''I can use all the help I can get!''

White House pressroom to be shifted


White House pressroom to be shifted

Ahead of the oath-taking, even the largely-liberal Washington press corps was in a tizzy.

Trump team proposed to move the White House pressroom out of the Presidential mansion to next-door 'Old Executive Building' or further beyond to White House Conference Center.

The political media enjoyed access to White House for nearly a century before the pressroom was created during the time of Richard Nixon.


Trump's transition officials receive thousands of requests from media

Citing huge interest in covering the new President, Trump transition officials are considering relocating the pressroom.

President's new press spokesman Sean Spice said they received thousands of media requests to attend Donald Trump's first press conference but they had to limit it to 400.

The incoming administration is examining the opportunity to allow more media members by moving the pressroom to a bigger place.

Media is largely-liberal and leans Democratic

There is a rumor that the incoming administration wants to revoke the largely-liberal and Democratic-leaning press corps' "sense of entitlement". One Trump aide said: "They (media) are the opposition party. I want 'em out of the building. We are taking back the press room.''

20 Jan 2017

Trump to be sworn in as 45th US President

Donald Trump arrived in Washington amid heavy rain to take the oath as the 45th President of the US.

Taking to Twitter, Trump said "The journey begins and I will be working and fighting very hard to make it a great journey for the American people."

He invited his supporters saying, "Join me at 4pm over at the Lincoln Memorial with my family!"

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