US journos: We decide how to serve readers, no Trump

19 Jan 2017 | By NewsBytes Desk
Trump and the press

In a strongly-worded statement, the American press corps has told Donald Trump that he wont be able to stifle or manipulate content in the media.

In a report published by the Columbia Journalism Review, journalists reminded Trump that "It is our airtime and column inches that you are seeking to influence."

They enlisted points on what to expect of them in the coming years.

In context: Trump and the press

What is the press corps?

The US press corps represents a group of journalists stationed in the White House to cover White House press briefings. They consist of scribes representing the biggest names in the media. They are usually stationed in the West Wing.

BackgroundWhat sparked the current debate?

Two days ago, reports began to surface that the Trump administration was planning to evict the press corps from the West Wing.

However, soon after, Trump administration officials clarified that they were considering changing the location of the press corps to accommodate more media persons.

Press corps members argued that Trump was attempting to include only pro-Trump media houses in the press corps.

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Senior official says they are evicting media

A senior official from the Trump transition team was quoted as saying, "They are the opposition party, I want 'em out of the building. We are taking back the press room."
What did the press corps have to say?

Press corpsWhat did the press corps have to say?

In its open letter to Trump the press corps enumerated a list of transgressions against the media by Trump.

These included "banning news organizations from covering Trump," "taunting, threatening reporters and encouraging supporters to do so," and "filing frivolous defamation suits."

They also lambasted Trump for ridiculing a handicapped reporter who wrote an anti-Trump piece.

19 Jan 2017US journos: We decide how to serve readers, no Trump

DetailsWhat is to come?

The press corps gave a list of things for Trump to expect from the media.

They clarified that if Trump chose to ban media houses from covering him, they would find better ways to get information. They said they would decide how much coverage to give the White House.

They said they would "obsess over details" and hold him accountable to "the objective truth."