Boy regains eyesight after 3 years, thanks surgeon


06 Jul 2019

Nepal: 13-year-old regains sight after 3 years, video goes viral

Imagine not being able to see the world, and then one surgery turns around everything, and you get your sight back.

This miraculous incident took place in Nepal when a 13-year-old boy got his vision back after three years, courtesy a surgery.

His video of enjoying this beautiful moment, which has been shared by a journalist, is going viral for all the right reasons.


Both doctor and patient can be seen filled with emotions

Both doctor and patient can be seen filled with emotions

In the video, 13-year-old Roshan Theeng is seen touching the face of his surgeon, Dr. Sanduk Ruit.

Along with Roshan, Dr. Ruit can also be seen overwhelmed with emotions. He took off his glasses to give the boy a hug.

The video was recorded on July 3, a day after the surgery, and has taken over the social media in Nepal and the world.

"I was really happy to capture this moment"

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Roshan was affected with cataract in Class II

When Roshan was in Class II, cataract affected both of his pupils and he completely lost his sight in the later years.

As he was unable to walk by himself, his grandmother carried him on her back to free eye camp, which was organized by the Hetauda Community Hospital, in Makwanpur, Nepal.

And the trip paid off.

His eyes were operated on Tuesday.

Roshan lost his mother to HIV-related complications two years ago

Sadly, Roshan's life has not been simple. He lost his mother two years ago as she succumbed to HIV-related complications. Moreover, his father is bedridden due to HIV as well. As per reports, fortunately, he and his grandmother are not HIV-positive.


His operation took just 15-minutes due to Dr. Ruit's technique

His operation took just 15-minutes due to Dr. Ruit's technique

This extraordinary gift could only be given to Roshan due to an inexpensive and revolutionary method, which was developed by Dr. Ruit.

It took Dr. Ruit only 15-minutes to operate on cataract.

Right after his bandages were opened, and Roshan realized his eyesight is back, he exclaimed, "I can go to school again."

Meanwhile, Dr. Ruit felt "I was being blessed by the gods."


The boy's strong expressions affected everyone around, says Dr. Ruit

"The boy's expression of happiness was so strong that it was not just I who felt its effects, but everyone around, all the patients and their relatives," said Dr. Ruit, while talking to Kathmandu Post.

The joy of the 13-year-old won the hearts of netizens all across the world.

While several people shared the video for his spirit, many positioned the doctor as God.

One of the Twitter users called Dr. Ruit 'living God'

Brought tears to my eyes, says another

"Doctor's job challenging in developing countries but have several opportunities"

Dr. Ruit told that he has hectic days, but never feels tired. "In a country like ours, a doctor's job is very challenging, but at the same time, there are a lot of opportunities to serve others. One just needs to be patient," he added.

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