Former UN Sec Gen's goof ups mar presidency run

25 Jan 2017 | Written by NewsBytes Desk; Edited by Mansi Motwani

Former Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon is expected to announce his bid to run for President of South Korea.

Though there has been no formal announcement yet, he has been seen at several publicity events, attempting to gather positive public opinion before announcing his bid.

However, several PR gaffes have marred his prospects, making him seem disconnected from the people.

In context: Ban Ki-moon to run for President?

Scandal may leave power void in South Korea

South Korean president Park Geun-hye is currently awaiting a verdict on her impeachment on corruption allegations. The allegations include bribery, coercion and abuse of position. Electronics giant Samsung has also been hauled up for investigations. If Park is impeached, elections will be held within 60-days.

December 2016Ban hints at presidency run

In December 2016, at his last press conference as the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon hinted that he may consider running for president of South Korea.

Commenting on the corruption scandal, he said he shared "the anxiety of people about the future of their country...and will really consider seriously how best and what I should and I could do for my country."

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PublicityBan makes publicity moves

In an attempt to garner publicity, Ban Ki-moon made all the necessary moves.

He publicly visited his father's grave along with the graves of 6 former presidents.

He also recently held consultations with opposition leader Lee Myung-bak and embattled President Park.

He also made several public appearances where he vowed to work for a "change in politics."

Goof upsGaffes make Ban seem disconnected

On his arrival in Seoul, Ban took the airport express train instead of a limo. However, he didn't know how to buy train tickets at the ticket machine.

He was spotted wearing a bib feeding an elderly woman while she was lying flat on her back.

He was also spotted buying Evian water, and was advised by his aides to buy a local product.

Ban admits mistakes

Ban admitted that 10 years in New York made him seem disconnected from the Korean public. He said, "I was impatient and had passion for wanting to go and meet the people as soon as I could, so there were little mistakes."

AllegationsFamily corruption allegations

Ban Ki-moon's brother, Ban Ki-sang has been accused of corruption and involvement in a bribery scheme to carry out the sale of a Vietnamese building complex.

Ban Ki-moon apologized for the scandal but claimed that he had no connection to, or idea about the case.

Opinion polls showed that public support for Ban dropped from 22.8% to 19.2% after the news broke.

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25 Jan 2017Former UN Sec Gen's goof ups mar presidency run

Ban may announce bid next week?

Sources indicated that Ban Ki-moon may announce his bid to run for South Korea's president next week after the lunar new year. He is unlikely to be a Saenuri candidate due to the corruption scandal and may instead join the conservative Barun Party.

03 Feb 2017Ban Ki-moon rules out running for South Korea's President

The former Chief of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon dismissed the idea of running for South Korea's President expressing his disappointment at "the selfish ways of politicians" and complaining of "fake news."

After meeting with conservative party leaders, Ban said that he had been "attacked with slander akin to character assassination" and had given up plans of leading political change.