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10 Feb 2017

17 injured in Hong Kong metro arson attack

Firebomb attack on Hong Kong subway

A firebomb attack on the Hong Kong subway train caused injuries to at least 17 people.

The local police confirmed that it was a case of arson started by one of the passengers identified as one Cheung. Police have apprehended the man.

The suspect started fire as the train was about to arrive at Tsim Sha Tsui station, around 7:15 pm.

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Firebomb attack on Hong Kong subway

Suspect could be mentally disturbed

The 60-year old suspect who admitted to have started the fire is understood to be mentally ill as per the details provided by the police. The police also said there was no evidence to suggest that it was an act of terrorism.

Tsim Sha Sui Station closed after the incident

10 Feb 2017

Tsim Sha Sui Station closed after the incident

Following the fire incident, passengers on the train were evacuated and according to the Mass Transit Railway, the company that runs the underground train system, Tsim Sha Sui station was closed immediately.

Employees and commuters helped put out the fire after the train arrived at Tsim Sha Sui.

The injured were carried to five different public hospitals for treatment.

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10 Feb 2017

Footage shows man burning

Video footage shared by social media users showed a man lying on the floor with his legs on fire.

Of the 17 injured people, two were in critical condition, five were in serious condition, and nine were stable, and one was released.

The last major fire attack on Hong Kong metro took place in Jan 2004 when 14 people were injured.

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