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17 Feb 2017

Donald Trump holds unscheduled news conference

Donald Trump's impromptu press conference - Highlights

On Thursday, Donald Trump scheduled a spontaneous news conference for the purpose of taking his message "straight to the people".

In the conference, Trump claimed that his administration "inherited" several problems across the government and the economy.

"To be honest, I inherited a mess. It's a mess," said the President.

The President also reportedly berated the journalists that were present.

In context

Donald Trump's impromptu press conference - Highlights
An elaboration on Donald Trump's dissatisfaction

The "Mess"

An elaboration on Donald Trump's dissatisfaction

Donald Trump claimed that his administration inherited a mess in both "home and abroad" matters.

Trump made his disapproval evident about jobs pouring out of the country and companies leaving USA and going to Mexico. He also spoke of low wages.

He spoke of how his administration went on to "tackle these challenges" on his first day as the United States President.

What Trump said to the journalists

In the news conference, targeting the journalists present, Trump said that never had there been "a more dishonest group of people." He also called them "out of control, wild, feral" and said that they were "not to be trusted."

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Travel Ban

Trump's opinion on his travel ban

When asked if he thought that the travel ban was an example of "smooth running of the government," Trump stated that the only thing wrong with the travel ban was the "bad court that gave us a very bad decision".

Trump was referring to a federal judge blocking the ban.

He added that he will issue a new executive order in the same regard.

On Russia

Good thing if USA and Russia get along: Donald Trump

In the press conference, Donald Trump was repeatedly asked about his ties with Russia.

According to Trump, it is a positive thing if USA and Russia get along. He further added that holding this opinion wasn't politically good for him.

He reasoned that positive relations between USA and Russia are good as the both of them are very powerful nuclear states.

Other Details

On Michael Flynn and anti-semitism

Donald Trump confirmed that he had no problem with Michael Flynn discussing US Sanctions with the Russian Ambassador to Washington and that Flynn was fired because he kept VP Pence in the dark.

An Israeli reporter asked Trump about the increasing anti-Semitic incidents in USA; cutting him off, Trump said, "I am the least racist and anti-Semitic person you have seen in your life".

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