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21 Feb 2017

Melbourne's charter plane crash kills 5

Melbourne's charter plan crash

A light aircraft crashed into a shopping centre in Melbourne on early Tuesday morning killing all 5 people that were on board.

The plane crashed into the shopping centre next to the Essendon Fields airport just after the take off.

48th premier of Australia's Victoria, Daniel Andrews described the incident as the state's worst air accident in three decades.

In context

Melbourne's charter plan crash

The victims

Inside the charter aircraft were 4 US citizens and an Australian pilot; the American citizens were tourists heading to King Island to play golf.

How did the plane crash?

What Transpired

How did the plane crash?

According to police, the charter plane was a twin-engine aircraft which "had a catastrophic engine failure shortly after take off."

The pilot, identified as Max Quartermain, also issued a 'mayday' shortly after leaving the airport.

An attempt was made to return to the Essendon airport before the plane smashed into the Direct Factory Outlets in Essendon.

None of the mall staff have been injured.

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What is a mayday?

'Mayday' is an emergency procedure word used globally to indicate a situation of life threatening emergency. It is used primarily by mariners and aviators.


Aftermath of the incident

Essendon airport and the DFO centre were closed to allow the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to conduct investigations.

The Tullamarine freeway, where the debris flew over, was also shut down to traffic.

Craig Lepsley, Victoria's emergency management commissioner said that psychological support would be provided to the emergency services personnel and those who witnessed the crash.

What did the witnesses see?


What did the witnesses see?

Jason, who called ABC Melbourne said, "I saw this plane coming in really low and fast. When it hit the building there was a massive fireball."

Mikey Cahill, witness for the Herald Sun said, "The explosion would have gone 100 feet high and ballooned upwards in red and black."

Daniel May was waiting for the shopping centre to open and saw an "orange explosion."

22 Feb 2017

Melbourne blast: Pilot didn't specify emergency situation

On Tuesday, a twin-engine aircraft crashed into a shopping centre in Melbourne, Australia, killing its pilot and four American tourists on board.

According to an accident investigator, Australian pilot Max Quartermain repeatedly yelled out 'Mayday' but did not specify the emergency situation.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau commissioner Greg Hood said despite of engine failures, modern twin-engine aircrafts are designed to continue flying.

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