Islamic State resorting to coercive tactics

25 Feb 2017 | By Supriya

The Islamic State is resorting to forcibly putting children and disabled people into trucks that are laden with explosives.

These trucks are then used as ammunition with the intention to drive into Iraqi security forces in Mosul, Iraq.

According to General Isler of the US-led coalition, these desperate measures are a clear sign that Islamic State's defeat is inevitable and also imminent.

In context: On verge of defeat, ISIS becomes desperate

BackgroundIslamic State pushed into a corner

The offensive to recapture Mosul in Northern Iraq from the Islamic State began in October last year.

Iraqi troops which were covered by helicopter gunships succeeded in forcing their way through Mosul's open spaces and gained ground.

Islamic State lost a huge number of their fighters in this offensive and has been pushed into a corner to strike back with improvised means.

Islamic State's new counter-strike tactics

Given dwindling number of fighters, new counter-strike tactics were being adopted. The jihadist group has resorted to steering 'hobby drones' which are mounted with grenades and bombs and used them to target troops and civilians.
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25 Feb 2017Islamic State resorting to coercive tactics

Modus operandiIslamic State's barbaric counter-strike

Jihadists are using trucks colloquially referred to as VBIEDs - 'vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices' pronounced as "vee-bids".

Children and the physically-challenged were being put into VBIEDS as drivers but were chained to vehicles.

US Brigadier General Isler revealed coercive tactics were being used as Islamic State was short of 'willing drivers.'

The US-led coalition observed this tactical change in recent weeks.

Islamic State drivers go AWOL

General Isler: "We see a VBIED going to its attack, going off and hiding. We see a party going to find AWOL VBIED driver, we see (IS) command trying to figure out where their driver's gone, we've seen multiple VBIED drivers going AWOL."