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08 Mar 2017

Biggest CIA secrets leaked in WikiLeaks Vault 7

Once again the US intelligence agencies are under the WikiLeaks scanner.

In its newest leak- Vault 7, WikiLeaks published "the biggest ever leak of confidential documents from the CIA".

The leak gave details of the tools CIA uses to "break into phones, communication apps and other electronic devices".

This leak also highlights the inability of CIA to shield secret documents in this digital age.

In context

WikiLeaks' newest attack on the CIA

What's been leaked?

Primary revelations of the leak

It revealed that CIA hackers chose smartphones and computers for monitoring.

The Center for Cyber Intelligence, it revealed had a covert base in the US embassy in Frankfurt which monitors Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Moreover, it revealed that CIA was utilizing smart TVs to hack into people's home, something that is being called unacceptable and intrusive.

The big honchos involved in hacking

In the several hundred million lines of code revealed, the leak has revealed how "Apple's iPhone, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows and even Samsung TVs", were converted into clandestine microphones.

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08 Mar 2017

CIA tightlipped about the new leak

The CIA refused to talk on the subject of the leak and did not comment to verify the news.

CIA spokesperson Heather Fritz Horniak said: "We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents".

However, it is clear the revelations are true and a probe is under way for the hackers accountable for the leak.

After your TV, cellphone, your car could be the next

08 Mar 2017

After your TV, cellphone, your car could be the next

After having revealed that the CIA was using smart TVs to listen to everything, their next attack would reportedly be on cars.

As of October'14 the CIA had been trying to infect "the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks."

While the end goal of such restriction was not defined, but it would authorize the "CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations."

09 Mar 2017

FBI, CIA launch investigation into WikiLeaks' release Vault 7

The FBI and CIA have initiated a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks' publication of thousands of files detailing the CIA's hacking tools, including its alleged capacity to spy through microphones on smartphones and smart TVs.

The agencies are examining whether it was an internal breach from within the CIA, or external.

"Such disclosures equip our adversaries with information to harm us," said a CIA spokesperson.

Compromised companies respond to WikiLeaks revelations on CIA spying


Compromised companies respond to WikiLeaks revelations on CIA spying

Apple, whose products have been allegedly compromised by CIA, said it had already addressed some reported vulnerabilities, and it offers "the best data security".

Samsung reiterated its commitment to protecting consumers' privacy. "Security of our devices is a top priority."

Meanwhile, Microsoft said it is looking into the reports, and Google declined to comment on the alleged "zero day" bugs that make it vulnerable.

10 Mar 2017

WikiLeaks assures support to tech companies after massive CIA leak

After publishing documents on CIA's hacking tools, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said they would work with tech companies to help secure them.

"We will give (firms) exclusive access to some technical details so that fixes can be pushed out," Assange said.

Data of big players including Google and Microsoft were reportedly affected. Assange said they would publish full data after companies corrected their products.

What do experts say?

Chris Wysopal, chief technology officer at Veracode Inc, said WikiLeaks should share source code containing zero-days, since if that organization possesses the data, then someone else too likely does.

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