French Elections: Fresh allegations jeopardize Fillon's poll chances

09 Mar 2017 | Written by NewsBytes Desk; Edited by NewsBytes Desk

A French newspaper, Le Canard Enchaine, has leveled fresh allegations of fraud against French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon.

Despite the allegations, Fillon said he would fight the elections. The entire French Republican party has also vowed to support him.

The allegations are about failing to declare a €50,000 loan.

Fillon's lawyer categorically stated that Fillon was not obligated to declare the loan.

In context: Controversy follows Francois Fillon

French ElectionsThe French Presidential elections

France will go to polls on 23 April to elect their next president.

Charlie Hebdo, the 2015 Paris attacks, and the Nice attack have made security and combating terror one of France's key electoral issues.

Another key issue is how to tackle the immigration crisis. Voters are starkly divided over this issue. Unemployment is another key issue that will play on voters' minds.

Who are the top candidates?

The top 3 candidates for the French election are right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen of the National Front, Francois Fillon of the Republican Party and Emmanuel Macron of En Marche. Though Fillon was the second-most-popular candidate for weeks, several controversies have cost him in opinion-polls.
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Who is Francois Fillon?

Francois FillonWho is Francois Fillon?

Francois Fillon is the Republican candidate, and is among the top 3 candidates in the elections.

Fillon, promised to cut half a million public sector jobs, abolish wealth tax and scrap the 35-hour work week.

He promised to revoke citizenship of those who travelled to Syria to fight alongside ISIS. He is also in a corruption scandal, over mismanaged public payments to his wife.

EmbezzlementEmbezzlement charges

Penelope Fillon was employed as her husband's parliamentary assistant from 1988-90 and again in 1998-2002.

The Le Canard Enchaine newspaper reported that she was paid over €831,400 for work that she actually did not do.

The report revealed that she was never issued a parliamentary pass or a work email id either, questioning the legitimacy of the position she was accorded.

New allegationsWhat are the latest allegations?

Reports indicate that Fillon failed to declare a €50,000 interest-free loan given to him by businessman Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere in 2013. The loan was supposed to be declared to France's transparency watchdog.

Reports said Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere and Fillon shared a personal relationship, which was leveraged when Fillon was in office in 2011.

However, Fillon's lawyers said declaration was not legally required.

09 Mar 2017French Elections: Fresh allegations jeopardize Fillon's poll chances

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15 Mar 2017French presidential candidate charged over job scandal

French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon was charged for offences relating to a fake job scandal, including misappropriation of public funds according to his lawyer Antonin Levy.

He was also charged with misuse of corporate assets and embezzlement. He had hired his wife and children as Parliamentary aides.

According to the charges his family members were paid for work they did not do.

30 Mar 2017French presidential elections: Fillon's wife questioned in fake jobs scam

After French presidential candidate François Fillon was placed under investigation in a 'fake jobs' scam, his wife Penelope was also questioned in the matter.

Fillon allegedly paid his wife, kids and relatives handsomely for work they either didn't do, weren't qualified to, or did partially.

The former favourite has slipped behind National Front leader Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron in the presidential race.