Intruder caught at White House while Trump was home

12 Mar 2017 | By NewsBytes Desk

The US Secret Service confirmed that an individual carrying a back-pack was arrested on the White House grounds after he managed to breach an outer perimeter fence.

California resident Jonathan Tran was arrested on the spot, but no hazardous substances or weapons were found on him.

Donald Trump said the Secret Service did a "fantastic job" in apprehending the "troubled person."

In context: Intruder at the White House

SecuritySecurity at the White House

Security at the White House is the primary responsibility of the Secret Service, which monitors all movements in and around the house using cameras, drones and sensors.

The airspace above the White House is a no-fly zone and has been expanded after 9/11.

Physical barriers however, are limited to fencing and physical security patrols by Secret Service agents.

There are snipers on the roof.

BreachesSome recent White House security breaches

In November 2009, 3 people managed to gain entry, uninvited to a state dinner held for Indian PM Manmohan Singh.

In Sept'14 Omar Gonzalez overpowered a secret service guard and ran into the White House before being apprehended.

In November 2015, a man jumped the fence and tried to reach the Obama family while they were celebrating Thanksgiving.

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12 Mar 2017Intruder caught at White House while Trump was home

Secret Service says White House is secure

The Secret Service confirmed that the incident had been contained and that there was no threat to the President, his family or the White House staff.
Man arrested for making threats at White House gate

20 Mar 2017Man arrested for making threats at White House gate

Authorities arrested an unidentified individual for driving up to a White house checkpoint and threatening to attack it with a bomb.

Several streets around the White House were shut, and security at the White House has reportedly been upgraded.

Trump was in Florida at the time of the incident.

There was no confirmation of any explosive being found on the intruder.