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30 Mar 2017

15 dead, 45 injured in Baghdad suicide attack

The Baghdad suicide attack

Iraqi officials said 15 people died and 45 others were injured in an apparent suicide attack on police check post in Baghdad.

A suicide bomber detonated an oil tanker that was laden with explosives when he approached a police checkpoint in southern Baghdad. Three policemen and 12 civilians died.

Several policemen and civilians were also wounded in the attack.

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The Baghdad suicide attack
ISIS responsible for attack?


ISIS responsible for attack?

Even though no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, authorities say it is the handiwork of ISIS militants.

ISIS has begun losing its grip on Iraq since the government troops began their offensive to drive the militants out.

Officials said this was their tactic to show that their presence was still strong within the country.

ISIS returning to insurgent roots?

Analysts said that since they have been losing territory at such an alarming rate, ISIS will most likely return to its insurgent roots, carrying out isolated bombings and attacks in Iraq and Syria.

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