Gilbert Baker, creator of rainbow flag dead

01 Apr 2017 | By NewsBytes Desk
Rainbow flag creator passes away

Sources have confirmed that American artist Gilbert Baker, who is credited with making the Rainbow flag, the symbol for LGBT communities in the world, has passed away.

Baker was heavily involved in LGBT activism in San Francisco, and was a close friend of murdered activist Harvey Milk.

While details are scant, reports indicate that Baker passed away in his sleep.

In context: Rainbow flag creator passes away

01 Apr 2017Gilbert Baker, creator of rainbow flag dead

Friends and family to hold vigil

In honour of Baker's life's work, his friends and family have decided to host a candle light vigil, under the Rainbow Flag in San Francisco's Castro district today evening.
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Who was Gilbert Baker?

Who?Who was Gilbert Baker?

Gilbert Baker was an artist and was born in Kansas in 1951.

According to his website, Baker also served for 2 years in the army and was stationed in San Francisco when the gay liberation movement began to gather momentum.

In 1978, he designed the 8 color flag for the gay liberation movement. The flag is the precursor to the modern Rainbow flag.

Original flag and its symbolism

The original flag designed by Baker in 1978 had 8 colors, representing different things. Pink represented sexuality, Red-life, Orange-healing, Yellow-sunlight, Green-nature, Turquoise-art, Indigo-harmony, and Violet-human spirit.