Zimbabwe's President asked to resign

17 Sep 2015 | Written by Eshwarya ; Edited by Gaurav

Zimbabwe's current president, Robert Mugabe has been asked to abdicate.

The nonagenarian president inadvertently repeated a speech on 15 September at the Parliament's new session, which was given to the legislature last month.

Opposition's spokesperson, Obert Gutu, attributed the cause of this blunder to his deteriorating mental and physical health.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba argued that it was due to mix up of speeches.

In context: Is Mugabe too old to be Zimbabwe's President?

History The rise of Robert Mugabe

Born on 21 February 1924, Robert Mugabe is one of the longest serving African rulers.

He was initially a teacher by profession, but later joined pro-independence National Democratic Party.

He played a significant role in establishing Zimbabwe as a democratic nation and headed Zimbabwe African National Union movement.

The president was formerly a part of Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU) but joined ZANU later.

Oldest leader in the world!

Robert Mugabe is the most aged leader in the history of the world. He is 91 at this moment, and has been serving Africa for 35 years.
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The past mistakes

Dec 2014The past mistakes

In December 2014, Africa witnessed Mugabe addressing the Vice-President, Phelekezela Mphoko, as the new President.

This happened during the oath taking ceremony of his two deputies and 11 ministers at the State House.

At the 6th National People Congress, the 91 year old President left the listeners aghast with his statement "Pasi ne Zanu PF" which means "Down with Zanu PF."

17 Sep 2015Zimbabwe's President asked to resign

Sep 2015How the adversaries reaped benefits?

The rival parties left no stone unturned in taking undue advantage of the situation.

Spokesperson of People's Democratic Party, Jacob Mafume, and MDC-T, Obert Gutu traced the underlying cause of the chaos to be Mugabe's old age.

Gutu also argued that Robert was "no longer fit for purpose."

Madhuku, the National Constitutional Assembly leader, also took a step ahead to ridicule the President.

Sep 2015Damage control by the party

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, tried to clear the air by stating the cause of the error to be a "mix up in the President's secretarial office."

He further said that the actual speech would be given in the hotel at the capital Harare.

Despite being heckled by the rival parties, the supporters were seen to shower applause for the speech of Robert Mugabe.

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A shot at the Nobel!

Mugabe's name was proposed for the Nobel peace price in the year 1981. But when he was found to be involved in the Gukurahundi killings, the opinion changed its course.

14 Jan 2016Mugabe suffers heart attack on vacation: Reports

A report published by an agency in Zimbabwe has claimed that President Mugabe suffered a massive heart attack while on holiday with his family.

The agency published a letter, by an anonymous author who did not reveal the source of the information, and said Mugabe was in a critical condition.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba denied the reports and said Mugabe was healthy and fit.

24 Jan 2016Mugabe returns from vacation looking healthy

Zimbabwe's President Mugabe returned from his annual vacation looking as healthy as ever, quashing rumors that he suffered a heart attack while he was away.

The President's office stated that rumors of his death and health always surface during his annual vacation.

In a video published by the state-owned Herald newspaper, Mugabe was seen joking and meeting officials on arriving at Harare International Airport.

26 May 2016Thousands of Zimbabweans rally to support Mugabe

Thousands of supporters of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe marched across Harare in support of him continuing on as President.

The rally comes at a time when Zimbabwean policy makers are divided over who would succeed Mugabe in 2018.

Youth leaders from across Zimbabwe came in Mugabe's support stating that "President Mugabe is the only centre of power that we recognise."