al-Qaeda chief Zawahir being sheltered by Pakistan

22 Apr 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa

A media report revealed that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency has been hiding al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri in the port city of Karachi.

Zawahiri's last wish is to carry out a giant operative in the US before he dies.

The report said that since late 2001 he has been given shelter by ISI.

In context: al-Qaeda chief in hiding Zawahiri now in Pakistan

Zawahiri was a surgeon before he met Osama

Ayman al-Zawahiri, who became the al-Qaeda chief in May 2011 was a surgeon by profession, he met Osama bin Laden in 1986 and became his personal advisor and physician.

IntroductionWho is Ayman al-Zawahiri?

Zawahiri is the co-founder of al-Qaeda and was critical in the preparation of 9/11.

Being bin Laden's second-in-command, it was Zawahiri who was the most visible face of al-Qaeda, posting video and audio messages.

However, the US forces feel that of late he has lost his sheen as he was never as charismatic as Osama bin Laden.

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Expert at hidingAyman al-Zawahiri: A master at hiding

The US officials claim that Zawahiri has gone to lengths to stay hidden.

His security guards intermarry into local tribes which offer him a great deal of protection.

Moreover, he uses 'green screen' technology to hide his living conditions.

In a video from 2006, he appeared to be in a library which experts said was created digitally and the lettering added separately.

Zawahiri termed High Value Target by US

Amongst the al Qaeda shura council who supported the 9/11 attacks, Zawahiri is only that remains to be killed or captured. In the East Africa embassy bombings too, he amongst 22 is the only one who has evaded captivity or death.

Favoured by luckZawahiri's many near-encounters with death

Since 9/11, Zawahiri has come face-to-face with death at least 4 times.

In 2001, he was targeted twice at Tora Bora but survived.

In January 2006, the CIA believed he's been found in the village of Damadola in Pakistan but soon after he had released a video that he had survived.

In August 2007, he escaped yet another assault in Tora Bora.

22 Apr 2017al-Qaeda chief Zawahir being sheltered by Pakistan