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23 Apr 2017

First ever 'March for Science' held worldwide

"March for Science" to safeguard science from politics

In an attempt to promote the action of protecting the environment, 'March for Science' was celebrated worldwide coinciding the occasion of Earth Day.

India, US, UK and various other countries resorted to the road to show their opposition against curbing of environment change policies. As many as 605 satellite marches held worldwide.

Let's have a look at the reason and purpose of the march.

In context

"March for Science" to safeguard science from politics
What was the purpose?


What was the purpose?

Although promoters of the event have denied any direct influence of Trump on the event, they have claimed that present administration has led to this march.

They claimed that the march was a celebration of science and an attempt to support and safeguard the interests and uses of scientific communities. It was also aimed at bringing the public closer to scientists and their research.


"Alternative facts" became an important motivation of the march

On the lines of Trump claiming 'facts' and 'alternative facts' to substantiate his points, the protest also took the same strategy with chants like "Make America think again!", "We need data!", "Nerd power!", "Fund science, not the wall!"

Resident of Brooklyn, New York, Marni Mjorelle claimed that it was her belief in "power of facts", which led her to support the March.

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India joins March for Science with Hyderabad and Coimbatore.


India joins March for Science with Hyderabad and Coimbatore.

The main event was held in Washington DC while 605 other satellite marches happened worldwide.

India joined the effort to safeguard science with March for Science in Coimbatore and Hyderabad.

Arjhun Swaminathan of School of Science said, "We here at Coimbatore are marching to bring a new era in science education in the city."


March for Science in other countries

The March for Science organizers at Vienna took to their Facebook page to encourage people to participate in the event.

London also participated with a march being held from Science Museum to Parliament Square.

In Australia, people marched in Sydney, while New Zealand witnessed marches in Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch.

Germany also marched from one of Berlin's universities to the Brandenburg Gate landmark.

March for Science coincided with Earth Day

Earth Day

March for Science coincided with Earth Day

America celebrated its first Earth Day in 1970 in a call for the attention of the general public to the concerns related to Nature and Environment.

On April 22 every year, various events are organized worldwide to commemorate the occasion organized by Earth Day Network.

Earth Day 2016 also witnessed the Paris agreement for a better environment between US, China and 120 other countries.

A wake-up call

A documentary titled "Tomorrow" aims to act as a wake-up call for everyone who thinks climate change is a hoax. It aims to explore the reality of climate change through data and visuals, which present a scary reality that calls for action right away.

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