Liberal blogger stabbed to death in Maldives capital

24 Apr 2017 | Written by Gaurav Jeyaraman; Edited by NewsBytes Desk
Liberal bloggers killed in Maldives

Yameen Rasheed, a liberal blogger who ran political-satire blog The Daily Panic, was found with multiple stab wounds in the Maldivian capital of Male.

Family members said he was found unconscious in the stairwell of his building with multiple stab wounds, and died shortly after reaching hospital.

Exiled former President Mohamed Nasheed, demanded an investigation with international participation into the incident.

In context: Liberal bloggers killed in Maldives

BackgroundPolitical scenario in Maldives

In 2008, Mohammed Nasheed was elected to office in Maldives in the first elections since 1978 which was allowed to be contested with other candidates.

Nasheed resigned in 2012 citing pressure from political-rivals; Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, half-brother of former President Gayoom came to power in 2013.

Yameen's new government abolished other religions, and ensured all laws in the country ascribed to Islamic principles.

Yameen's policies promoting extremism?

The Maldivian Ministry of Education introduced many changes in curriculum; they included Arabic as a subject and made Quran studies mandatory till Class 7. The Class 9 Islamic Studies book says "carrying out jihad against people who obstruct the path of Islam is an obligation."
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IntoleranceMaldives: Secular, liberal bloggers a constant target

Religious conservatism has been on the rise in the Maldives in the last few years.

Blogger Ismail Rasheed, was stabbed by unidentified attackers in 2012. He was seriously wounded in the attack.

In several cases bloggers and journalists have disappeared, reportedly after being picked up by militants, gangsters and sometimes government agents.

More recently, Maldives had several youth who joined ISIS.

24 Apr 2017Liberal blogger stabbed to death in Maldives capital