Obama's first post-presidency speech steers clear of Trump


25 Apr 2017

Obama's first post-presidency speech: 'Ready to train new leadership'

In his first post-presidency speech, former US President Barack Obama announced he wants to spend the next phase helping "prepare the next generation of leadership".

Obama was speaking to students at the University of Chicago, where he used to be a lecturer, after a three-month time-off.

He expressed confidence that America's problems could be solved; however, the Democrat refrained from commenting on Donald Trump.


No wish to return as active Democrat figure, Obama clarifies

No wish to return as active Democrat figure, Obama clarifies

"I'm spending a lot of time thinking what is the most important thing I can do?" Obama said in his opening remarks.

"…The most important thing I can do is to help…prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton..."

He declined to comment on issues like foreign policy and healthcare, and clarified he didn't wish to become an active Democrat leader.


Social media advice for the youngsters

The former president lamented recent developments that he said aggravated social divisions, including politicization of media.

"The internet in some ways has accelerated this sense of people having entirely separate conversations," he said. "If you're liberal, then you're on MSNBC. If you're a conservative, you're on Fox News."

He also warned youngsters to be "more circumspect" about what they upload on social media.

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Obama steers clear of mentioning Trump

Obama steered clear of commenting on his successor Donald Trump. However, he has spoken out a few times on Trump's actions - he defended Obamacare, which Trump tried to repeal, and when Trump accused him of wiretapping the Trump Tower during the presidential campaign.

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