US' anti-ISIS operations civilian death tally lower than outside groups

01 May 2017 | Written by Abheet Sethi; Edited by Romesh Khaddar

The US military said anti-ISIS airstrikes by the US-led coalition have likely killed at least 352 civilians in Iraq and Syria since the operation started three years ago.

The military's tally is, however, much lesser than independent groups such as Airwars which have estimated 3,164 civilian deaths.

The US-led operations targeting ISIS, called Operation Inherent Resolve, had started in August 2014.

In context: Pentagon: US-led airstrikes targeting ISIS killed 352 civilians

Air campaignUS launches anti-ISIS Operation Inherent Resolve

Operation Inherent Resolve is an air campaign launched by the US and its partner countries in August 2014 to "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIS.

The operation comprised of "targeted airstrikes against ISIL terrorist convoys" in Iraq and Syria.

Several countries, including regional powers Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE and Kuwait; participated in the operation.

Russia is conducting a separate anti-ISIS operation in Syria and Iraq.

13 Apr 2017US drops "biggest" non-nuclear bomb on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan

On April 13, the US military dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan at 7:32 PM local time.

The Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), nicknamed "mother of all bombs," was reportedly targeted at ISIS tunnels in the Achin district of the Nangarhar province.

This was the first time the 9500kg MOAB had been used in battle.

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01 May 2017US' anti-ISIS operations civilian death tally lower than outside groups

US regrets "unintentional loss of civilian lives"

"We regret the unintentional loss of civilian lives resulting from Coalition efforts to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria and express our deepest sympathies to the families and others affected by these strikes," the US military said.
Increase in number of civilian deaths

DetailsIncrease in number of civilian deaths

The 352 deaths recorded represent a huge increase over the 229 deaths which were counted through February-end.

The US-led coalition has conducted over 20,000 airstrikes through March 2017.

The military said 42 reports of civilian casualties, including several in Mosul last month, remain under review.

The updated death toll also includes 45 civilian deaths from November 2016 and March 2017.

US military unable to probe all civilian death cases

The US military said it's working to review civilian death reports despite being unable to probe all reports using "traditional investigative methods, such as interviewing witnesses and examining the site."