Trump-Putin discuss Syrian civil war de-escalation during 'very good call'

03 May 2017 | Written by Abheet Sethi; Edited by Ramya
Trump-Putin break the ice with phone call

US President Donald Trump discussed steps to de-escalate the Syrian civil war during a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin said both leaders were "in favor" of a possible face-to-face meeting during the G20 summit in Germany this July.

The White House said both leaders had a "very good call."

Their conversation comes amid strained US-Russia relations.

In context: Trump-Putin break the ice with phone call

IntroductionRussia-United States relations

For over 200 years, Russia and the US shared multifaceted diplomatic relations.

After the Cold War and Soviet Union's breakup (1991), the ties took on a new dimension.

The relationships were warm during the 1990s but reportedly deteriorated later.

The relations were strained during the Ukraine Crisis, Annexation of Crimea, and in 2015 due to differences over Russia's intervention in the Syrian Civil War.

03 May 2017Trump-Putin discuss Syrian civil war de-escalation during 'very good call'

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ExplainedCurrent state of US-Russia ties explained

The US had sanctioned Russia over its military intervention in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea.

Both countries have also been at odds for supporting opposing sides in the Syrian civil war.

Russia also faces allegations of interfering in the recent US presidential elections to make Trump win.

Trump had earlier faced criticism for praising Putin and over his campaign's supposed ties to Russia.

DetailsTrump and Putin talk about creating 'safe zones' in Syria

"President Trump and President Putin agreed…that all parties must do all they can to end the violence," the White House said.

Trump aides also said both leaders discussed the establishment of "safe, or de-escalation, zones" in Syria "to achieve lasting peace."

No details of the possible safe zone were given.

Russia supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while the US backs opposition rebel fighters.

Both leaders discuss the "dangerous situation in North Korea"

The White House said both leaders discussed "how best to resolve the very dangerous situation in North Korea." Tensions in the Korean Peninsula remain tensed over the North over its nuclear and missile programs. Trump recently said a conflict with North Korea is "possible."