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04 May 2017

Facebook for terrorists is in the making, says Europol

A Facebook for terrorists - Europol says so

Facebook needs to move aside for a major social media revolution that is about to happen, a platform that would bring all the radical extremists together to plot mass genocide and also to complement each other on their dead-body count.

According to Europol, that's what ISIS terrorists are up to these days, building their own social media platform.

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In context

A Facebook for terrorists - Europol says so
What led to this bizarre outcome?

Terrorist network

What led to this bizarre outcome?

Major platforms like Facebook and Google are now facing intense political ire from governments to up their game in tackling and putting down extremist material that surfaces on their platforms, within minutes.

This apparently has led to the terrorists mulling over the idea of eliminating the problem altogether and having a proper platform to avoid detection and hatch their nefarious plots against humanity.


How was it discovered?

Europol had conducted a 48-hour operation to combat Internet extremism recently, in which they found out more than 2,000 extremist items related to IS and al Qaeda on 52 social media platforms.

Europol Director Rob Wainwright said, "Within that operation it was revealed IS was now developing its very own social media platform, its own part of the Internet to run its agenda."

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Current modus operandi and a hiccup

Spreading terrorism

Current modus operandi and a hiccup

Rob Wainwright also mentioned that, "They have also been searching for new service providers to make sure their messages reach potential supporters, while a growing interest for platforms that do not require identification can be witnessed."

Recently Apple and FBI had been embroiled in a war of words with the latter condemning the former of supporting terrorism by not creating a backdoor for authorities.


Britain should not leave post Brexit

Wainwright said that security co-operation between Britain and EU should continue post Brexit.

He remarked, "In the end I hope the grown-ups in the room will realize that...security is one of the most important areas of the whole process. We need to get that right in the collective security interest of Europe as a whole, including of course the United Kingdom."

It's not an unfounded fear

Extreme situation

It's not an unfounded fear

There have been several reports of jihadists on mainstream social media platforms and now, it may sound bizarre and somewhat ludicrous to think that, there will be an exclusive social media platform for terrorists.

But if what Europol says is true, imagine a platform that engages in extreme hate-mongering 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's one scary place to be.

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