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06 May 2017

Rupert Murdoch, the man Bill O'Reilly calls boss

Murdoch, the man who decides what is news

Since we have been nitpicking too much on Bill O'Reilly owing to the recent scandals, this will be a good time to also remember what kind of a man he works for.

We have had Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch pulling up stunts for a very long time and he probably has a bigger closet than O'Reilly, for skeletons.

Here's all about him.

In context

Murdoch, the man who decides what is news
A media mogul in his own right

Rupert Murdoch

A media mogul in his own right

To keep up with the brevity of things, Rupert Murdoch owns the Western media and if he closed all his print, visual and radio mediums for one day, widespread panic, like one that comes in the wake of a Tsunami, would ensue.

It's understood that a man, such as him, is not a stranger to power and enemies.

Being "evil incarnate" doesn't help either.

The Sunday Times

Thatcher and a really shady deal

Erstwhile editor of The Sunday Times, Sir Harold Evans called Murdoch an "evil incarnate" as "Mrs Thatcher did a secret deal with Mr Murdoch" selling out the paper.

One man haggles with the country's Prime Minister for a British newspaper and after acquiring it, gives a simple directive - the paper should be "attacking the Russians more".

This is how cold wars are brewed.

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Turbulent takeovers

National Geographic

Turbulent takeovers

The Guardian ran an engaging piece called, "How Fox ate National Geographic", where it spoke at length about how Murdoch, a naysayer to climate change, took over the National Geographic firing hundreds of its employees in the process.

The best takeaway from the article was it articulating how the acquisition was similar to a gazelle getting swallowed by a python.



In 2013, Australia's largest newspaper Sunday Telegraph owned by Rupert Murdoch, in the children's word search puzzle section of the newspaper which had the theme "animals of Indonesia", carried the letters "LIVESIHCODRUM", which when spelt backwards reads "MURDOCHISEVIL".

This instance was hailed all over the mainstream media as an indication of the then 82-year-old mogul Murdoch's unpopularity within his own publications.

Influencing the public on political decisions

David Cameron

Influencing the public on political decisions

Murdoch fancies himself as a kingmaker too; he backed David Cameron with a tirade of Pro-Tory, anti-Labour coverage by The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun during his election year.

If you are wondering where have you heard David Cameron's name, he was Britain's PM when Brexit was passed via referendum, a decision regretted ever since by political analysts.


And finally, Trump's new best friend

Just to add the final nail in the coffin, Donald Trump has been a big admirer of Fox News, which he believes to be the only news media that has done him justice.

NYT recently reported that Fox News owner Murdoch is one of the closest aides of POTUS and calls him every week to cheer him up, whenever Mr. President feels low.

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