Obama had warned Trump not to hire Flynn in November

09 May 2017 | By Abheet Sethi
Obama had warned Trump against hiring Flynn

In November'16, the then President-elect Donald Trump was warned by President Barack Obama against appointing Michael Flynn as national security adviser, according to the White House.

Obama's warning had come in November during a meeting with Trump soon after the latter won the election.

Flynn was fired in February for concealing information about his contacts with Russia and misleading Vice President Mike Pence.

In context: Obama had warned Trump against hiring Flynn

14 Feb 2017Trump's NSA Michael Flynn resigns over Russia links

In February, US President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was reportedly forced to resigned.

The move came after several news-outlets reported that former acting attorney general Sally Q. Yates had warned the White House that Flynn may have been vulnerable to blackmail from Russia.

Flynn had reportedly spoken to the Russian ambassador about sanctions prior to Trump's inauguration and misled US officials.

09 May 2017Obama had warned Trump not to hire Flynn in November

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Obama had fired Flynn from top national security post

In 2014, the Obama administration fired Flynn who was serving as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency over issues related to temperament and mismanagement.

CompromisedEx-US official warned Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail

On Monday, former Acting US Attorney General Sally Yates testified at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that she had warned the White House in January that Flynn, the then NSA, was vulnerable to blackmail by Russia.

Trump had continued to praise Flynn and only fired him 18 days after Yates's warning. A number of Democratic senators have questioned Trump for the delay.

Why?White House - Obama wasn't exactly a fan of Flynn's

"It's true that President Obama made it known that he wasn't exactly a fan of General Flynn's," said White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

He said Obama's warning shouldn't come as a surprise as Flynn had worked him and was an "outspoken critic" of the president's shortcomings especially when it came to countering ISIS and other threats.

Flynn's actions a major embarrassment for Trump administration

The developments surrounding Flynn represent a major embarrassment for the Trump administration. It represents a huge breakdown on the vetting process under which high-ranking officials receive security clearances. The NSA in particular has access to extremely sensitive material. Flynn could also face criminal charges.
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Obama questionedWhite House questions Obama's handling of Flynn

"If Mr Obama was truly concerned about General Flynn, why didn't he suspend General Flynn's security clearance, which they had just reapproved months earlier?," said Spicer.

He added: "Additionally, why did the Obama administration let Flynn go to Russia for a paid speaking engagement and receive a fee?"

In 2015, Flynn received $33,000 from Russian broadcaster RT for speaking at a function in Russia.