Child abuse website gets busted, reveals sordid state of humanity

09 May 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty
80,000-users-strong child abuse website gets exposed

A website, where people engaged in child sexual abuse content, has finally been exposed.

Reports reveal that as many as 80,000 users including both men and women logged regularly into this heinous website embedded deep in the darknet, to take part in the pedophilic activities and held child abuse discussions for a period of two long years.

This is how humanity fails itself.

In context: 80,000-users-strong child abuse website gets exposed

09 May 2017Child abuse website gets busted, reveals sordid state of humanity

ShameHumanity before privacy should not be that hard a call

The darknet is a hidden part of the Internet where things which would appall humanity flourish.

However, internet purists argue that darknet promotes privacy and allows people to express their true self without criminal persecution.

It is also the breeding ground for websites such as these, where people partake in child abuse discussions, post links to child abuse imagery and share abusive videos.

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Hiding behind an Internet blanket

HidingHiding behind an Internet blanket

These pedophiles used Tor software to hide their online identities and this website is almost two years old. It would have continued uninterrupted, had its true nature not been revealed.

These findings came to light when The Times analyzed the server of the pedophilic site after it was hacked by Internet vigilantes, who exposed usernames, email addresses, and passwords on the open web.

OffendersThe dismal affair of things

Times discovered that there were around 10,000 British users active on the platform.

A registered sex offender, who was caught on three counts; a businessman who used to be the governor of a boarding school were some of them.

A lecturer claimed to have had sexual intercourse with an 11-year-old girl and a young mother, whose social network account features pictures of her toddler.

IndiaIndian Internet service providers directed to block child abuse sites

In order to deter sexual abuse of children online, the Union ministry of electronics and information technology has now directed Internet service providers to block all URLs mentioned in 'blocking list' supplied by Internet Watch Foundation.

However, it is to be noted that India still doesn't have a centralized mechanism in place to track and apprehend online child sexual abuse content or pornography.