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09 May 2017

PIA pilot invites unauthorized woman to cockpit

PIA pilots slacking off

A pilot from Pakistan International Airlines Captain Shahzad Aziz, has been hauled up for endangering the lives of passengers after he invited an unauthorized Chinese woman into the cockpit.

The major security breach was recorded by a Geo TV correspondent travelling on the same flight.

The woman did not comment when asked if she was a friend or relative of the pilot.

In context

PIA pilots slacking off

Front row seat for woman

The woman reportedly stayed in the cockpit for over 2 hours and only came out when the flight landed. She was also alone with the pilot for sometime after the co-pilot stepped out.

PIA pilots frequently misbehave


PIA pilots frequently misbehave

In another shocking incident last month, a PIA pilot was hauled up after it emerged that he gave controls of the flight to an under-training co-pilot, while he took a 2.5 hour nap in the passenger area.

In 2015, another pilot allowed the wife of former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan to sit in the cockpit for her flight.

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