Police say Bangkok hospital blast caused by bomb

22 May 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman
Bangkok bomb blast

Police have stated that a blast which took place today at the King Mongkut Hospital was caused by a bomb.

Deputy Police Chief Sriwara Rangsiramanakul said 24 people were injured in the blast and were receiving treatment. He said police were searching the hospital for clues.

The explosion reportedly took place in a guest room for retired military officials.

In context: Bangkok bomb blast

22 May 2017Police say Bangkok hospital blast caused by bomb

Police say bomb remnants recovered

Bangkok police officials said "We found wiring and what seems to be the remains of battery parts that could have been part of the bomb. The intention of the attack is still unclear. Right now, authorities are checking out closed circuit cameras."
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Recent string of attacks in Thailand

Recent attacksRecent string of attacks in Thailand

The hospital blast took place on the anniversary of the 2004 Thai military coup.

Just weeks earlier, a double bombing had taken place in Pattani in southern Thailand, injuring 50 people.

The bombs went off at a shopping mall and was reportedly targeting shoppers.