Indian taxi driver beaten, racially abused in Australia

22 May 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman
Indian cabbie assaulted in Australia

Pradeep Singh, a 25 year old taxi driver in Tasmania, Australia was assaulted and racially abused by his passengers at the Sandy Bay McDonald's drive-through in Tasmania. He is currently in hospital.

Authorities stated that a man and woman have been charged in relation to the assault.

They will be produced before a magistrate's court on 26 June for the case.

In context: Indian cabbie assaulted in Australia

22 May 2017Indian taxi driver beaten, racially abused in Australia

DetailsHow did the incident unfold?

Singh stated that the occupants in his taxi were severely intoxicated when they hailed the ride.

He stated that the woman was about to throw-up inside the taxi, when Singh asked her to step outside. He told them they would need to pay cleaning charges if she vomited inside.

On hearing this, they assaulted him, racially abused him and damaged his vehicle.

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Singh says wont drive taxis anymore

Speaking to the media, Singh said "They punched me too many times and kicked me..They said You f.....g Indians deserve this." He said he will not drive taxis anymore as it is too dangerous in Australia.

Previous assaultsAssaults on taxi drivers in Australia

There have been several racially motivated attacks on Indian taxi drivers in Australia.

The latest incident is the third attack on an Indian taxi driver in the country in less than a year.

In March 2017, four teenagers abused and assaulted an Indian taxi driver.

In June 2016, four men beat-up an Indian taxi driver in a racially motivated attack.