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26 May 2017

Two Chinese nationals abducted in Pakistan, Beijing raps Islamabad

Chinese nationals kidnapped in Pakistan

Beijing has expressed displeasure at the kidnapping of two of its nationals inside Pakistan, saying Pakistan needs to take more concrete measures to ensure protection of Chinese nationals.

The two Chinese language teachers were kidnapped at gunpoint by alleged militants from Balochistan, which is a central part of CPEC.

China launched an "Emergency Response Mechanism" to save the kidnapped citizens.

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Chinese nationals kidnapped in Pakistan
What did China have to say?


What did China have to say?

Chinese state media highlighted that Chinese nationals were at risk in Pakistan despite friendly ties between the two countries.

China's foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said "The Chinese government attaches great importance to the safety of overseas Chinese citizens and condemns the abduction of personnel."

Beijing asked Pakistan to "take every necessary measure" to ensure the safety of the abducted teachers.

China leaves no stone unturned, to work with Pak security

Leaving no stone unturned, China said it would work directly with Pakistan to rescue the abductees. China's foreign ministry said "The Chinese government will work with the Pakistani side to make the utmost efforts for the early and safe release of the kidnapped personnel."

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CPEC security

Several reports warn of CPEC security issues

Several reports in the Chinese media as well as in international media have highlighted the security risks of the CPEC project.

The project will eventually draw in more Chinese workers and professionals, who will be at risk due to internal security issues in Pakistan.

The UN also furnished a recent report highlighting internal security threats to the CPEC project.

China, Pakistan worked toward CEPC security

In a bid to improve security for the CPEC projects, China had given Pakistan 2 maritime patrol vessels. Pakistan had even assured China that it would raise a 15,000 strong force of troops dedicated to ensuring the security of Chinese workers in the projects.

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