Bahrain sheikh sued for $42.5m by a businessman

29 May 2017 | By Gaurav Jeyaraman
Bahrain Sheikh's love for Bollywood

A distant-relative of the King of Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad is being sued by an Egyptian businessman Abdallah, who is claiming $42.5 million from him.

The case, over arrangements to meet Bollywood stars including ShahRukh Khan, is being heard at the London HC.

The businessman claimed that the sheikh reneged after meeting 4 stars, out of the list of 26; thereby causing losses to him.

In context: Bahrain Sheikh's love for Bollywood

29 May 2017Bahrain sheikh sued for $42.5m by a businessman

How much money changed hands?

Ahmed was paid over $3.4 million for arranging meetings with Shah Rukh Khan and three other Bollywood stars. However, he alleged that by reneging on meeting the other 22, Sheikh Hamad caused losses to Ahmed's company.
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What was the case about?

The caseWhat was the case about?

Sheikh Hamad's uncle introduced him to Ahmed in December 2015 in Bahrain, as Hamad had a keen interest in Bollywood.

According to reports, Ahmed's company was to arrange for Hamad to meet 26 Bollywood stars, "for 15-25 minutes for $1.5 million per meeting, with a bonus $500,000 for every third meeting."

However, the Sheikh reportedly reneged from further meetings after meeting four stars.

What went wrong?

Sheikh Hamad alleged that although he knew he had to compensate Ahmed for the meetings, there was no agreement on the sum of money and no exclusivity clause. Hamad said he stopped the meetings after the prices started rising after the first four meetings.

HearingHearing to conclude in London

The sheikh's counsel argued that since the deal was struck in Arabic in Bahrain, the case should be heard in Bahrain.

Ahmed's counsel argued that if the case is heard in Bahrain, there could be a risk of injustice to Ahmed.

The court clarified that London could be a common venue for the trial and that proceedings would conclude at the London HC.

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