Cyclone Mora hits Bay of Bengal


30 May 2017

Bangladesh evacuating 10 lakh people as Cyclone Mora makes landfall

Bangladeshi authorities have attempted to evacuate nearly 10 lakh people in preparation for the powerful Cyclone Mora.

The cyclone made landfall early Tuesday morning, lashing Bangladesh's south-eastern coast with heavy rain and winds up to 117kmph.

Port cities were requested to display the "great danger level 10," the highest warning level.

Cyclone Mora is expected to affect parts of India and Myanmar as well.

Odisha, West Bengal issue heavy rainfall warning

Bangladesh's meteorological department has warned coastal districts to brace for flooding resulting from storm surges. Meanwhile, in India, the Odisha and West Bengal governments have issued a heavy rainfall warning. Northeast India is also expected to face torrential rain.


People flock to cyclone shelters, authorities target 'zero casualties'

People have been flocking to nearly 500 cyclone shelters in Bangladesh's Chittagong district after warnings were announced on loudspeakers.

People in hilly areas have been told to evacuate while schools and government offices are doubling up as shelters.

"We are targeting zero casualties and we will try our best to evacuate more than a million before the landfall," a disaster management official said.

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Cyclone formed from record floods causing Sri Lanka weather system

Cyclone Mora was formed following heavy rains in Sri Lanka which resulted in floods and landslides that killed at least 180 people. This was the worst flooding Sri Lanka witnessed in 14 years, affecting the lives of over 500,000 people. Over 100 people remain missing.


300,000 people evacuated into cyclone shelters, airports shut

Around 300,000 people have already been evacuated to cyclone shelters.

Coastal ferries have suspended operations while fishing boats have been told not to venture out to seas.

Nearly 3,800 relief centers had been set up and medical teams deployed. An official said rescue teams and the Bangladeshi armed forces are on standby.

Airports situated at Chittagong and Cox's Bazar have been shut down.


Bangladesh routinely experiences powerful cyclones

Bangladesh is experienced at handling cyclones. However most people don't live in houses strong enough to withstand inclement weather.

The cyclones pose a constant risk to human life and livestock, on which many of Bangladesh's sizeable population depends.

"The coastline of Bangladesh is very low-lying and is prone to storm surge problems," said CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward.

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