Kabul blast- At least 19 dead, 319 wounded, confirms ministry

31 May 2017 | By Gogona Saikia
Bomb blast near Indian Embassy in Kabul

Afghan media quoted the Afghanistan Ministry of Health confirming that a bomb blast near the Indian Embassy in Kabul killed 19, while 319 were wounded.

The busy area near Wazir Akbar Khan turned into a bloody scene of destruction in the morning of May 31 as a car bomb went off about 50m from the embassy.

Sushma Swaraj confirmed all Indian officials are unharmed.

In context: Bomb blast near Indian Embassy in Kabul

31 May 2017Kabul blast- At least 19 dead, 319 wounded, confirms ministry

Chaos at Indian embassy

CNN-News18 reported that photos showed windows being shattered by the impact of the blast in the German Gate side. Indian Ambassador Manpreet Vohra confirmed damage to the building. All staff members were moved to strong rooms.
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Scene of devastation at Wazir Akbar Khan area

DevastationScene of devastation at Wazir Akbar Khan area

The force of the blast could be seen as window panes of buildings hundreds of metres away were also shattered. Over 30 damaged vehicles were seen lined up on the side.

Dark smoke could be seen rising from the site. Ambulances hurriedly shifted the injured to hospitals.

The busy Wazir Akbar Khan area turned into a scene of devastation in the aftermath.

02 Jun 2017Kabul bombing- Pakistani hand suspected in early investigation

Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security has said that prima facie, the Haqqani network carried out the bombing near the Indian Embassy with the assistance of Pakistan's ISI.

Kabul has also called off its scheduled cricket fixtures with Pakistan. However, Islamabad called the allegations "baseless" and denied involvement.

The Haqqani network is accused of several attacks against Indian establishments in Afghanistan.

AttacksString of attacks in Kabul in recent times

There has been no claim of responsibility in the immediate aftermath, but it comes amid the Taliban's annual "spring offensive".

The Islamic State has also claimed responsibility for several recent blasts in Kabul. The first three months of 2017 saw the highest number of casualties in the Afghan capital.

The Indian consulate also came under attack in March'16, when nine people were killed.