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02 Jun 2017

Manila: 34 dead in botched up robbery in casino

The botched-up robbery attempt in Manila's casino

A night-out became catastrophic for people when a robber barged into a casino in Philippines and starting firing shots blindly, setting the casino tables on fire. He stole chips worth $2.3million, but they were recovered by the police later.

Though the robbery attempt was futile, but he ended up killing atleast 34 people. Most of them died of suffocation.

In context

The botched-up robbery attempt in Manila's casino


Police searches casino for hours: Robber kills self

The armed forces searched the complex for hours as the robber barged in late during the midnight.

The robber later killed himself in the hotel room after firing at the forces. While addressing a media conference, Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa said, ''He covered himself in a thick blanket and apparently doused himself in gasoline."


Motive: Robbery and not terrorism, Security heightened

People at the casino rushed towards the exit assuming it to be a terrorist attack. But officials have denied the terrorism angle. Prima facie, it was a robbery attempt.

According to police, the robber did not aim for the people but headed to the casino chips storage room.

However, security has been peaked in the south of Philippines where troops are fighting Islamic rebels.

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54 people injured, people struck with panic

A panicked parent afraid for his daughter stuck in the casino said, ''I am very worried as a parent, I need to find her". 54 people were injured in the botched-up robbery attempt.

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