India took billions of dollars for the Paris deal: Trump

02 Jun 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa
Donald Trump- India's true friend or backstabbing enemy?

Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Paris climate change deal but not without some harsh words for India.

US President Donald Trump accused India of trying to extort "billions and billions and billions" of dollars in order to sign the the climate accord.

Furthermore, he said while the deal allowed India and China to produce coal it put restrictions on the US.

In context: Donald Trump- India's true friend or backstabbing enemy?

27 Jan 2017Donald Trump calls Modi, says India a 'true friend'

4 days after he was sworn the 45th President of the US, Trump called PM Modi and invited him to visit the US later in the year.

Calling India a 'true friend' President Trump emphasized on the need for partnership between the 2 nations to address "challenges around the world".

The two leaders spoke about strengthening partnership in areas like economy and defence.

30 Jan 2017Why Trump might not be India's 'true friend' after all

While Trump may have called India a 'true friend', his policies are anything but friendly.

The Trump administration's 'America First' policy and that of trade protectionism have cast an air of doubt on the Indo-US friendship.

The new H-1B visa reforms could affect the viability of Indian IT companies.

Moreover, US scaling down investment in India is a bad sign too.

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02 Jun 2017India took billions of dollars for the Paris deal: Trump

Will Modi still visit the US after Trump's rant?

While India has not yet spoken about the fate of Modi's impending visit to the US sometime in June, Trump's rant against India could potentially strain the meeting between the two leaders.
Little truth in Trump's claims

02 Jun 2017Little truth in Trump's claims

Trump's claims that India receives billions may not be true after all.

In 2015, total foreign aid to India was $3.1 billion, only $100 million of that came from US.

The amount is being reduced to $34 million come 2018.

To put things into perspective, India gives billions to the US for armaments and almost $100 million for the import of almonds every year.

ChinaDespite the US pullout, India, China dedicated to Paris accord

While the US withdrawing may cast an air of doubt on the Paris climate accord but big emitters like India, China, and the European Union (EU) and reaffirmed their dedication to Paris Agreement.

Ronald Jumeau, climate ambassador for the Seychelles said: "The time when one big player could affect the whole game is past" especially with China and India over-achieving their Paris goals.