A sweet revenge: High demand for 'Troll Cakes'


13 Jun 2017

Now get back at trolls - with cake!

Many times, it gets difficult to deal with nasty and vile trolls on the internet. So how do you get back at them?

By making them eat their own words, literally. New York City's Kat Thek has come up with a creative and hilarious idea.

She would write the troll's social media comment on cake, and have it delivered to the person.


What is Troll Cakes, you ask?

What is Troll Cakes, you ask?

Troll Cakes is a baker cum detective agency. Customers can go to its founder Thek with the comment and address of the troll.

She would then bake a cake and write the comment on it with frosting/icing/fondant, wrap it up in confetti, and have it sent.

Don't have the address? That's where the detective part comes in. Thek even offers to find it for customers.

The 'Tiny Hands Special'

Then there's the "Tiny Hands Special", designed for America's new president. She has made several cakes for Donald Trump, including "I don't stand by anything", "I've never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke", and on his TV ratings being higher than that of 9/11.

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'Dozens' of orders in just three weeks

Thek, who says she was considering the idea since before, was motivated to start the business when she saw mean comments on Dolly Parton's Facebook page in April.

Since then, she has received "dozens" of orders.

The baker charges $35 for a cake, plus another $25 if one needs the address found. The 'Tiny Hands Special' goes for a flat $30.

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