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22 Jun 2017

Kenneth Juster to be next US Envoy to India?

Kenneth Juster: Next US Envoy to India

US President Donald Trump's aide and White House's top brass Kenneth Juster will be the next US Ambassador to India.

This clearly brought an end to the long wait which also saw several Indian-Americans in the league.

A White House spokesperson also confirmed that the top security official is the best possible choice for this role.

In context

Kenneth Juster: Next US Envoy to India

So who is this man?

The top brass is not just serving as a deputy assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs but also is a lawyer who has quite an experience with India because he dealt with dual-use goods and technology during George Bush's regime.

Others in race for the title!

Other contenders?

Others in race for the title!

An Indian-American businessman from Chicago named Shalli Kumar was in the race for this post. Kumar had been instrumental in winning over the Indians residing in the States to Trump's side during the elections.

Another one to be speculated for the post was Indian-American Ashley Tellis, who played a major role in the India-US civil nuclear co-operation deal during Bush's tenure.

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Speculations rife: Has India endorsed this new envoy?

As goes the adage, there is no smoke without fire. The recent developments hint that Kenneth Juster might be the result of India proposing the top security officials' name. However, it's reported that no consent has been taken as of yet regarding the nomination.

Infact, a White House official even went on to say that they had no announcements to make as of now.

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